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132 USA Soccer Team Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Jalkapallojoukkue Pelaa USA National Teams, USA

31 USA, USA (fast) Does what it says on the tin Soittoluettelo
190 USA - Not to Be Messed With Mean business Soittoluettelo
1295 Send Him Off Get him off! Soittoluettelo
1941 The Star Spangled Banner (with music) A great version of America's National anthem... USA! Soittoluettelo
1971 You're Not Singing over There All quiet on that side Soittoluettelo
2386 You're Welcome... USA v. England Chant
2618 Ooooh USA USA, USA, USA! Soittoluettelo
3290 Everywhere We Go People wanna know! The mighty US... Soittoluettelo
4024 He Goes by the Name of Clint Dempsey! He Goes By The Name Clint Dempsey
4277 American Boys We Are Here Woah, woah... Soittoluettelo
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4640 Woah Oh Oh Woah Oh Sung to the tune of the White Stripes Soittoluettelo
4950 I Believe We Will Win Gotta believe! Soittoluettelo
5624 We Love Ya! And that's the way we like it! Soittoluettelo
6009 God Bless America Originally written in 1918 - very patriotic song by Irving Berlin. He came up with it whilst serving in the army in New York Soittoluettelo
6788 Oh USA Another chant of the U.S.A supporters Soittoluettelo
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